3 States of Matter

You may know that water has 3 states. They are solid, liquid and gas. BUT and NOT BUTT ... do you know that shit also has 3 states.

They are Pan Sai (Solid), Pan Pui (Gas) and Pan Leo (Liquid).

Do you know the 3 members under the PAN family?

Do you that faeces also has 3 states?

If your butt give out ...
1) Solid matter - Shitting
2) Liquid matter - diarrhea
3) Gas matter - farting

Moral of the above information
Inside of our body is a small universe. Outside of our body is a big universe. We are just part of the nature. Being unfriendly to the nature, is simply unfriendly to yourself. Love the Nature if you love yourself.

"Everything is Linked."

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